Your product packaging is a miniature billboard that’s seen by countless potential customers every day. It does much more than convey the contents of its package; it speaks to consumers from the shelf, saying, “Choose me, not that other one!” At least, it should.

If you’re updating your product nutrition labels to comply with the new FDA regulations, then you initially might have looked at this undertaking as a burden. Here at Envoy, we’ve been honing our consumer packaged goods (CPG) design skills for 30 years, so when we learned of the new rules for nutrition labels, we recognized an opportunity for our CPG clients to revisit those little billboards that sit on grocery store shelves all across the country.

We feel so strongly about this rare opportunity that we’ve even authored a white paper on the subject. It’s a quick read, but it’s full of insights and suggestions gleaned from our many years in the CPG branding and marketing business. And, we’d love you to have it.

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