Anyone involved in the digital landscape knows that what’s hot one day can be old news the next. The landscape is constantly changing, and new technologies bring new opportunities. Digital in particular has evolved considerably over the last decade, including the introduction of programmatic digital ad buying.

Big data allows marketers to create algorithms to target specific audiences wherever they reside in the digital space, as well as across multiple platforms. No longer are smart marketers relying on one website; instead, they are buying space among multiple properties — across all screens and devices — to reach their audiences anytime and anywhere. All of this allows us to be more specific about who receives our ads, which means we can become more finite in the actions we want them to take.

Tips for Success With Digital Media

Before the start of any campaign, it’s crucial to outline your goals and objectives. Envoy has a formal media brief process for this. In your media brief, you’ll want to include the following:

  • Set specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for your digital tactics. This will not only improve your overall media strategy, but it will also help you measure the success of your digital campaigns.
  • Choose the right digital products. Once your KPI is set, choosing the digital products to best fulfill your goal is crucial. Marketers can no longer “set it and forget it” when it comes to digital advertising. You must make optimizations on a consistent basis to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing dollars.
  • Use the right measurement tools. In addition, you need to have the proper measurement tools in place to accurately track and measure campaign successes. These include Google Analytics, ad trackers and conversion pixels.

Digital media may seem like a strange world to you if you’re just getting started with it. These tips should help. If you find you just don’t have the time or knack for getting the most from your digital ad dollars, give Envoy a shout.