We know now that social media is here to stay — and that’s great — because social media is a place where businesses can engage their current customers, grow their customer base, and show their human side.

Here are seven tips you can try to make sure your social media channels work for you and not against you!

Show Behind the Scenes: Many businesses get online and think that they always must be selling. That’s not the case. Social media lets you give your customers a unique look at your company that they might not otherwise see. Use photos and videos to highlight employees, share exciting company milestones, and tell a story. This will humanize your brand and increase consumer loyalty.

Keep it Fresh: Switch out your social media cover images every so often to keep the look and feel of your page fresh. Stay within your established brand colors, but don’t be afraid to flex your creativity.

Check Mobile: Make sure that your brand-new cover art looks great on desktop and mobile, and that important info isn’t cut off. Social media image sizes change all the time. They could even change again by the time you finish reading this sentence.

Never Stop Learning: Business accounts on social media channels allow you to learn about your audience. Finding out the overall age, gender, and location of your audience can help you adapt your messaging.

Stay Active: With the pace of social media, out of sight can mean out of mind. Stay in front of your audience by posting regularly. If your audience visits your page and sees that you haven’t posted in weeks or months, what impression could that leave?

Update Your Bio: Set a reminder to update your company and/or personal bio on your social channels. Keeping this information updated often triggers a notification to your audience, reminding them that you are on the ball.

Talk to Your Audience – Not at Your Audience: Social media is best when people use it to connect with other people, not just corporations blasting their brand message for all to hear. Try to come up with content that engages your audience while conveying your unique value proposition.

Keeping up with social media is a full-time job! If you need help developing your online presence to attract new customers and endear your existing audience to your brand, please reach out! We’d love to have a chat with you.