A Video Makes the Call for Donations a Success

Milagro Donation Video

OneWorld Community Health Center

Every year, OneWorld Community Health Centers holds a fundraiser event called “Milagro.” Milagro is the Spanish word for “miracle.” This event brings together several health care organizations and members of the community that support OneWorld Community Health Centers’ mission to provide affordable and quality health care to the community regardless of race, religion, status or ability to pay. Envoy created a donation video pertaining to the program theme for the year, “Compassion From the Inside Out,” in an effort to increase table donations at the event.

The Objectives

Envoy filmed at a local high school to bring awareness to the behavioral health strides that OneWorld Community Health Centers has made in the community for the teen and young adult health population in Omaha. The video centered around a school-based health center and profiled two students, a behavioral health provider and the behavioral health director at OneWorld Community Health Centers to help shine a light on the impact their initiatives have had on a community level. The donation video was created with the objective of increasing table donations at the event over the previous year. The video could also be used in the future as a donation tool for future fundraising events.

The Solution

Envoy spent one day filming on location and conducting interviews. The end product was an eight-minute long video that was played before a table donation ask at the Milagro dinner program. Through vivid and emotional storytelling, Envoy was able to depict the struggle some teens and young adults go through with their behavioral health and how OneWorld Community Health Centers is able to provide a service that assists them with their needs.

The Results

After all table-ask donations were calculated, the results showed a 107 percent increase from the previous year.

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