Hiland Dairy Takes a Fresh Approach With Its Holiday Campaign

Make It a Hiland Holiday

Hiland Dairy

Hiland Dairy ran a holiday cookie contest for several years. For the 2016 holiday season, Envoy decided to try something different to get consumers excited about Hiland products: an integrated digital campaign.

The Objectives

To meet these objectives, Envoy developed a consumer contest and engagement campaign, called “Make It a Hiland Holiday,” designed to remind consumers of all the ways to incorporate Hiland products in their holiday meals.

  • Increase sales by 10 percent over the same period the previous year
  • Increase website sessions by five percent over the same period the previous year
  • Promote Hiland Dairy products as the best-quality, freshest dairy ingredients for holiday recipes

The Solution

Envoy developed the “Make It a Hiland Holiday” campaign, which employed social media, digital media, HilandDairy.com, TheHilandHome.com (Hiland’s blog), an FSI and e-newsletters to promote Hiland Dairy products as the best option for holiday cooking and baking ingredients. A partnership with Food Network allowed Hiland to run branded spots in all markets to promote the campaign.

In addition, a holiday-themed giveaway boosted Hiland’s brand awareness, and a holiday landing page on the Hiland website promoted the giveaway and featured holiday recipes.

The Results

The “Make It a Hiland Holiday” campaign more than met its stated goals, and the company experienced noticeable sales growth. In addition, the campaign achieved the following:

  • Grew Hiland’s e-newsletter database by 14%.
  • Digital media delivered more than16 millionimpressions to the target market.
  • Generated media/influencer reach totaling 4.7 Millionwith the “Make It a Hiland Holiday” message.
  • The campaign brought in 3,250 giveaway entries, exceeding the goal by 250 entries, and generated digital media impressions totaling 12.25 million with the “Make It a Hiland Holiday” message.

The “Make It a Hiland Holiday” campaign proved a success for Hiland Dairy, achieving all of the company’s objectives. In addition, consumers responded well to the campaign’s engagement elements and fresh message.