We’re sure you’ve heard all about how important content is and that video is the reigning king. Even if you know it’s important, the next thing you might think is, “How the heck do I make one?” Well, it’s a process. It also depends on the kind of video you want to make. Think about the industry and what you want to accomplish with your video. Every industry has their own dos and don’ts, but health care specifically can be a bit tricky. Here’s how we approached our latest health care video.

Get Started

Our process for creating a TV spot generally goes something like this:
  • Meet with the client and discuss goals and budgets.
  • Brainstorm to determine the desired message of the spot.
  • A team consisting of an account executive, a copywriter and an art director meet to ideate some possible words and pictures to achieve the desired effect of the commercial.

Develop a Concept

When we began to talk about concepts for a new TV spot, we met with the client to brainstorm possible messages and goals. As you can imagine, a lot of ideas were brought up for discussion. Eventually, after a review of several ideas, the group came around to the objective of expressing inclusivity through our client OneWorld Community Health Center’s tagline “All Are Welcome”. We also wanted to create something for our client that would connect with people emotionally by tugging at their heart strings. We wanted the viewer to watch the spot and visualize themselves in each of the milestones depicted, recalling on their own lives — whether young and single, in a partnership, raising a family, in the midst of a career, or in the later years of life. All the while it would express a message of hope and a feeling of safety knowing that no matter who they were or where they were at in life, OneWorld was a safe place they could go for the best health care.

Make it Work

As an art director, my job was to find a way to create an inclusive image overall that helps illustrate OneWorld’s beliefs.

Reading the initial script, I presented the team with the idea of superimposing some of the keywords we listed out in our objectives over top the footage. We could combine these words with short clips showing the breadth of people in our community and nation in a range of ages, from all walks of life, in life-affirming portraits, showing a certain poise and self-respect. My desire was to show people in moments of love, hope, dignity, compassion and equality — the words that are eventually superimposed — in an effort to drive home the message of the voiceover script.

We planned to then film actual OneWorld doctors interacting with patients to use at the end of each spot to show the personalized care they provide and to complete the local aspect. This took some coordination between our team and the client to be sure that the clinic we were filming at would have doctors available and would be clear of real patients so we didn’t violate any privacy laws. We worked with willing staff and their families to film doctors of OneWorld, creating a piece that was true to the client and who they serve.

Watch it Come Together

The final result were two TV spots that I think shows people in those moments where they are expressing something that we viewers can glean as meaningful. As viewers, we connect with how the visuals and the voiceover express that OneWorld is a caring place to go where you are always welcomed.

Are you interested in learning more about video or how our team can help out? Reach out to us! We’d love to help you with your next video project or help you brainstorm.