Take the Time to Research


The job hunt, ugh. We’ve all been there – we know how tedious it can be, especially in this economy.

I’ll apply for this job, even though I’m not really qualified and I’d probably hate it anyway… I’ll just use my standard cover letter and be sure to switch out the name of the company* I’m applying to and apply to literally every job I see... I just NEED a job.

On the off chance that you actually find a job opening that is right up your alley, you can bet that there will be plenty of other applicants vying for the same position. How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd if you’re granted the opportunity for an interview? Among the (hopefully) obvious things, like showering and dressing to impress, you need to know how to not blow your chances in the interview.

Tell me! How do I avoid shooting myself in the proverbial foot during the interview?

Drumroll please…

RESEARCH. Researching the company is a vital step that is often overlooked, but can be the difference between you or another applicant getting the job. Below are a few of our tips for researching a company before an interview:

  • Often times, you’ll find a company’s mission statement on their “About” page on their website. Read it. Know it. Does it mesh with your ideologies? If it doesn’t, maybe this isn’t the company for you. If it does, great! Be sure to mention that.
  • Look at their clientele. Who are they working with? What industries do they specialize in? This is one of the only situations where it is okay to name drop. Know enough about their client base to be able to form an intelligent response if/when it comes up in conversation.
  • Look at their social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. How are they interacting with people? Are they interacting with people? If they’re active in social media, they probably have photos of company gatherings on their Facebook. Does this look like the type of company you’d like to work for?
  • Google… Beloved Google. You might be able to find reviews, blog posts or articles on the company just by simply Googling (that’s a verb now, right?) them. Did you find an article gushing about multiple awards they won for their recent work? Bring it up!
  • Tying in what you already know from your research, delegate a few minutes at the end of your interview to ask questions to find out more about the company. I noticed that your philosophy is “There is no box.” This kind of mindset is exactly what I was hoping to find in an employer. What’s your company culture like? What do you love about working here?
  • If the interviewer asks “What drove you to apply for this position?” or “What do you like about our company?” Have an honest answer prepared. If you stare back at them like a deer in headlights, they’ll know that you didn’t take any time to research and your resume will end up in the pile with the rest of the rejects.

While researching the company is just one helpful hint for acing the interview, you should know that there’s a whole laundry list of things you can do to help better prepare yourself for the big day. Here are a few more tips to help you nail the interview:

  • Make sure your references are reliable and relevant. It’s also a good idea to tell someone when you list them as a reference, so they aren’t surprised when they get a call.
  • Be honest.
  • Be yourself.
  • Relax.
  • Don’t cry.

Avoid the reject pile. Take the time to research before you apply and especially before you interview.

Awaiting the perfect applicant,

Your friends at Envoy

P.S. We’re hiring! Check out our openings here: http://envoyinc.com/blog/opportunity-is-knocking

*If this is your tactic (which we don’t recommend), be sure you actually switch out the name of the company.




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