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You mean people still read? Sure do (and it’s not just Fifty Shades of Grey). We've taken skimmers, readers, and even audio-book listeners into account with our latest blog post by revealing what books, magazines and blogs we've chosen to incorporate into our lives.

“The last book I read for pleasure was The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene. Gone Girl is next on my list. I’m really into post-modern literature; my favorites are Sylvia Plath and Charles Bukowski. I always have one (or five) of their books on my nightstand. Blogs I follow include: TheDayBookBlog, BlueBirdVintage, Smitten Studio and TheCoOpOnline.” - Kelly Bentley

“I’m reading a biography about Bruce Springsteen right now. The guy was a control freak but he puts on a great show. I’ve seen him twice!” - Stuart Bohlim

“I used to read a lot of fashion magazines - InStyle and Lucky for example, because I am a fashion nut and like to see what looks to put together. I also read DustyEarthMother - she’s a hoot and a pug lover like me, and she has a strong faith and ever-sunny outlook.” - Kathy Broniecki

“Non-fiction books on almost any topic.” - Barb Chvala

“I read a lot of Janet Evanovich, specifically the Stephanie Plum series. I also like James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks. I just read Silver Linings Playbook and loved it. I can’t wait to see the movie.” - Lisa Conklin

“I go through reading spurts. I like to read biographies and I can tell you that Barbara Walters’ is very good! She was a real rebel rouser.” - Bridget Eggers

“Magazines: Real Simple, Variety, Rolling Stone, People, AdWeek, Entrepreneur. Blogs: Pioneer Woman. Books: I loved the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy...holy moly! :)” - Penny Hatchell

 “I wish I had time to read books. The last book I read was on non-profit marketing.” - Susie Kaup

“Currently I’m reading Start by Jon Acuff. I loved Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn this winter. I’m a total nerd but I also love ‘reading’ my cookbooks! Magazines I enjoy are Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, and Shape. Blogs - I love fashion and makeup blogs like CapHillStyle and JSEverydayFashion. I love Beauty Gurus on YouTube like Beauty Broadcast and MissGlamourazzi.” - Sally Morrisey

Food & Wine magazine.” - Brooke Ortner

“I have a few online magazines and blogs I enjoy reading: MacWorld, 99u, Blog Drawn, Sketchbook, and Smashing Magazine.” - Tom Sain

“I like Emily Griffin books, People, and Better Homes and Gardens magazines.” - Jasonea Shockey

Prevention Magazine and anything having to do with health and wellness.” - Liz Steinblock

“I read a lot of car magazines - Road & Truck, Car & Driver, etc. I also read Watch Time because I am a watch nerd.” - Patrick White

“I usually like to keep both a fiction and non-fiction book going at the same time, because I'm kind of a schizophrenic reader in that way. Right now I'm reading The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver and A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick. Both speculate on the near future: one with data, trends and the laws of probability; and one with a drug-induced, paranoid imagination. Despite the very different perspectives, their visions of where we're headed are eerily similar.” - Dan Wroblewski

What are you reading?



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