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Envoy, Inc. is a full-service advertising agency that has been around for more than 25 years. We're pretty sure our longevity and success is due to one simple reason: we consistently solve our clients' problems in a timely fashion while giving them the personal attention they deserve. That's it. No fluff. No bluster. Just results.

Penny Hatchell


Kathy Broniecki

Chief Strategy Officer/Owner

Brandon Moser

Web Developer

What can we say about Penny... she's complicated, extremely organized and likes things just so, but she has a little wild side. She keeps us in line but dreams of being on the road with John Mellencamp.

Kathy loves to shop. That is why she plans to work beyond retirement age. Thank goodness she has a sharp mind that is still able to do brilliant strat plans. And she eats a ton of Hiland cottage cheese. "It's good protein," she says.

Despite her job-share/part-time status, she's not lazy, just really damn efficient. Trying to be clever while being comical is not one of her strong suits, neither is writing in the third person. So this is where it ends.

Jasonea Shockey

Vice President, Client Services

Tom Sain

Vice President, Creative Services

Brooke Ortner

Media Director

Jasonea is Butter's owner. Butter is the adorable mini Goldendoodle who basically lives at Envoy Wed – Fri when she works her awesome job share schedule. She is the person who used to be recognized with a hello when she entered the office, but is now greeted with either “BUTTER!!!” or “No Butter today?” (said sadly) She feels valued.

Wanting to be a cartoonist, Tom developed his first weekly comic strip at age 11, with a viewing audience of 7 (all relatives, incidentally). Since then, he's attempted to increase the audience for his doodling. With traditional arts training, Tom tries to cram artistic aesthetics into commercial designs without anyone noticing. So far, he's getting away with it.

Clients appreciate Brooke's deep knowledge of the media landscape. Fellow staffers appreciate her sharing the goodies that come to her attention every Holiday season. When not in the midst of an intense media negotiation, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family and spotting doppelgangers.

Amy Goldyn

Creative Director

Dan Wroblewski

Senior Web Developer

Stuart Bohlim

Art Director

Amy can be somewhat curmudgeonly about grammar and punctuation, but over the years she has become less of a jerk about it. She does, however, text rather slowly because she feels the need to make sure that her messages contain proper spelling and punctuation. This is annoying to her friends and family. She is also Nora the Hedgehog's mom.

Disregard that perpetual look on his face that would lead you to believe he just stepped in something squishy with his socks on. It's not you, it's him. You see, he has three teenage daughters at home. Dan really does care about the work he does and loves the team he works with. No, really.

Stuart was born. When he was 7, he drew large dinosaurs on his bedroom walls using crayons. He figured out around the age of 13 that people would notice or pay him for this skill. That's still what he's doing... The End.

Patrick White

Senior Writer/Producer

Adam and Steve

Junior Morale Coordinators

Kelly Bentley

Senior Account Executive

After studying film at the University of Iowa, Patrick put his skills to use playing guitar and keys for a touring garage band. Sadly, the advertising bug bit, and he was lured from his life of calm stability into the seedy and unpredictable world of creative marketing, where he has remained ever since.

Brandon is our resident web developer. He spends most of his day feverishly writing code... or so we're told, he's somewhat reclusive. His favorite activities include taking a sweet hit off his inhaler and sharpening a handful of fresh pencils. He's also known for his trademark fear of spiders and girls who talk to him.

You can find Kelly playing an inordinate amount of Katy Perry on the nearest jukebox and interpretive dancing in public. She's usually the brunt of everyone's jokes, but gets her revenge in Nerf gun battles with the web team. Her bio wouldn't be complete without mention of her female cat, Douglas Fresh. Meow. (Also see: Resident Cat Lady)

Lee Turkovich

Interactive Media Manager

Karla Lubeck

Account Coordinator

Nikki Whitehead

Junior Account Executive

Lee desperately wants to join the office dog owners club, but has yet to make this elite group. When she's not working on web updates and blogs, she's usually raiding the candy jar, burning popcorn and stealing Kelly's Nerf darts.

For the few hours a week Karla is not managing projects for the best clients around, she can be found enjoying the great outdoors. Except in the winter... because you know, winter is the worst of all the seasons.

Nikki is a professional nap-a-holic. She also loves obsessively organizing, solving business problems and nurturing relationships. So, it’s no wonder she feels right at home in client services. When she’s not doing that she can be found forcing her dogs to cuddle with her, traveling, going to concerts and pretending she doesn't have a HUGE crush on Michael Bolton (post-mullet).

Barb Chvala

Administrative Assistant

Liz Stienblock


Arien Crawford

Office Manager

Media Assistant, Media Buyer, Media Director, Account Executive, Sr. Vice President, Partner/Owner, Administrative Assistant... She's spent 24 years of job-hopping at Envoy!

Liz serves as the voice, and often the face, of Envoy. Greeting everyone with a smile and sunny disposition. But in her off-hours she is known in Roller Derby circles as "Elizabeth the Eliminator." That's why everyone at Envoy tries to stay on her good side.

Numbers are Arien's game. After spending more than 12 years knee-deep in accounting and taxes for numerous clients, she decided to focus her energies on one company. This led her to the creative world of Envoy. When the numbers don't provide enough fun and thrills, she keeps busy with her two children, grandson, bowling, swimming, and amusement rides.


We have shelves and shelves of awards. Here are a few of the recent ones.

2015 Communicator Awards

Non-Profit Organization

Boys Town - Stories of Hope, Kenna

2015 AMA Pinnacle Awards

Digital Media/Small Business

First Nebraska Bank - 12 months of Giving

2014 Telly Awards

Non-Profit :30 TV

Nebraska Family Helpline - Future Babies

2014 AMA Pinnacle Awards

Total Marketing Campaign - Non-Profit

Nebraska Family Helpline - Future Babies

2014 Addys

Judges Special Citation

Boys Town - Viral Video "Thousands"

2014 Telly Awards

Web Media

Boys Town - Viral Video "Thousands"